Tender Document for Prize Contest

“Win a trip to La Gomera – designed only for you”



1.1. Object of the Contest.

 1.1. The purpose is to promote the island of La Gomera as a holiday destination among potential tourists from the key emerging markets who participate voluntarily and personally, in this competition through the means established for this purpose and which are then detailed, in accordance with following rules.

1.2. Purpose.

The purpose is to increase the visibility of the island of La Gomera, as an ideal tourist destination and framed within the reactivation activities due to the situation of Covid-19.

 1.3. Organization.

The organizing entity of this promotion is EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (Hon. Island Council of La Gomera), through its Tourism Department, with fiscal address at C / Profesor Armas Fernández, 2 in San Sebastián de La Gomera, and with NIF P3800004H, responsible for the tourist promotion of the island destination of La Gomera.

 1.4. Territorial scope of the Contest.

The mentioned contest will take place through the website www.lagomera.travel, with information shared through their social networks. Said draw will have a territorial scope at regional, national and European level.

1.5. Duration.

The draw will be held, expressly during the promotional period, establishing a total of at least three (3) promotions within the period from June 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020, from August 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020 and from October 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020. These dates may be subject to modification and / or extension, prior announcement on the Web. In any case, the promotions will be carried out from June 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, the period of which is subject to extension and / or modification, with prior announcement on the website indicated above.

1.6. Participants.

Individuals of over 18 years of age, residing in European territory, who duly fill in the information requested in the form to be provided, may participate in this raffle/contest. Employees of the Island Council of La Gomera and the collaborating companies, their families, fraudulent profiles or experts in competitions will not be able to participate in the campaign, nor therefore be winners of the contest.

Participation through agents or third parties is not allowed, nor is the use of multiple identities.




The participants, by the mere fact of participating in this promotion, accepting the clauses of this tender document and the criteria of EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA ( Hon. Island Council of La Gomera) regarding the resolution of any question or controversy derived from it.



The prize for this promotion consists of one (1) trip, of seven (7) days and six (6) nights in duration for two (2) people (winner and accompanying person), for each promotional period according to the first basis , 1.5., Which includes: – Airplane tickets, round trip, from the closest airport to the residence within the European territory to Tenerife airports, Transfer from Tenerife airports to Los Cristianos pier (round trip ), the boat ticket for the Los Cristianos-Gomera route (round trip), rental car (seven days) and accommodation during your stay in an establishment with a three-star category (at the choice of the Cabildo Insular de La Gomera) in Regimen of accommodation and breakfast. Transportation between the winner’s home and the airport of origin is not included.

In the case of residents of Russia, the trip will be from / to an airport in the capital, Moscow.

The before mentioned prize must be enjoyed within a maximum period of 12 months from acceptance as winner. EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (Hon. Island Council of La Gomera) reserves the possibility of modifying: a) The period of enjoyment of the prize for organizational, technical, meteorological reasons, force majeure or fortuitous event, b) The prize for organizational reasons, availability or connectivity, “force mayor” or fortuitous cases, replacing it with another of similar characteristics and value. In no case, the prize may be subject to change and / or alteration of any kind, compensation in cash or transfer to a third party at the request of the winner, in whole or in part.


FORTH CLAUSE – Participation Mechanism

4.1. Completion of the form.

To participate, users must completely fill out the form designed for this purpose on the page www.lagomera.travel and that, as a minimum, contains the following mandatory fields: name, surname / s, age, sex, email, city of residence, code postcard, country of residence.

 4.2. Validation.

The draw will consist of choosing a winner in each of the three promotions among the participants who correctly fill out the available form once they choose the images that allow them to design their trip to La Gomera.

Once the form has been completed, they must accept the conditions thereof, the participant will receive an email to allow its validation as such, which will allow him to be part of this promotion. Participants who have not been validated will be expressly excluded from the draw, as stated in the previous paragraph.


 4.4. Each participant who agrees with the provisions set forth above, will be awarded one (1) participation in the prize draw. Likewise, only one (1) registration per participant will be accepted, through the (online) form enabled for this purpose during the duration of the draw, of a person identified as having an email address, the participant understood as the physical person who fills in the form, being, therefore, in each case, a single natural person who can identify himself as a participant. It is contrary to good faith, these rules and the purpose of this promotional action that the same natural person identifies with more than one user and with different email accounts in order to participate. In the case of detecting the participation of people with more than one record, all the identified users will be excluded from the draw. Likewise, those participants who concur with any of the circumstances described in the twelfth base will be taken into account as the cause of exclusion



The draw will be held after the end of each promotional period through the Cool Tabs platform who guarantee the proper functioning, screening of the contestants and with whom a data processing agreement is signed. EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA  (The Hon. Island Government of La Gomera), through its Tourism Department, will communicate the result of the draw on the Web www.lagomera.travel and www.lagomera.es and will be promoted through social networks.




After the draw held, EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (the Hon. Island Government of LA GOMERA) may communicate to the participants their status as winner or substitutes, simultaneously, via email and its publication through the aforementioned websites. The winner and the alternates of the draw must communicate their acceptance by email to any person they designate or entity that is professionally linked to this promotion within the non-extendible period of 7 calendar days from the last date of communication received. The communication made to the substitutes in their capacity as such and accepted by them, will be considered acceptance of their status as winner in case of successive non-acceptance of the winner of the draw or substitutes. In addition, in the same period, the winner will send to the same email address the following: – Documentation supporting the identity and residence of the winner. – Documentation necessary to make the trip as a prize for this promotion, both the winner and his companion. These communications will be made through the official email: info@lagomera.travel


The non-acceptance of the condition of winner and / or successive substitute, including the requested documentation, will generate the loss of such condition, proceeding to consider as such the successive substitutes who have accepted in the order of the draw held.


Once the trip is confirmed with the emissions and reservations made of the different elements that make it up, no changes will be accepted, except for reasons of force majeure or fortuitous event.


The participant will lose their status as winner and substitute in the case of: a) Failure to comply with any of the bases of this promotion. b) Acceptance of the prize outside the period established in base 6.1. c) The non-presentation of the supporting documentation within the term in accordance with the provisions of the sixth base. d) Waiver of the winner or substitute to the prize object of the draw. e) Verification of irregularities by the winner in accordance with the provisions of the twelfth base. The non-acceptance of the condition of winner and / or successive substitute will generate the loss of such condition, proceeding to consider as such the successive substitutes who have accepted in the order of the contest. To the successive substitutes mentioned, the non-extendable term of four (4) calendar days will be given from the communication delivered for the presentation of the documentation mentioned in the previous base. In the event that none of the successive substitutes concur with the requirements established to be considered the winner, the Hon. Island Government of La Gomera will declare this promotion void.



The Spanish tax legislation will be applied to the award of this promotion (among others, Law 35/2006 of November 28, which approves the Income Tax on Natural Persons and partially modifies the Laws on Corporation Taxes, on the Income of non-residents and on wealth; Royal Decree No. 439/2007, of March 30, which approves its Regulations and subsequent amendments; Royal Legislative Decree 5/2004, of March 5, which approves the revised text of the Non-Resident Income Tax Law, as well as its regulatory development by Royal Decree 1776/2004, of July 30, which approves the Tax Regulation on the Income of Non-residents), without prejudice to the provisions of the International Treaties and Agreements that may be applicable; so it will correspond to EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (the Hon. Island Government of LA GOMERA) make the withholdings or payments on account that proceed in accordance with said legislation. For this, EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (the Hon. Island Government of LA GOMERA) may request additional supporting documentation from the winner. Participants are informed that the value of the prize must be included in the tax base of the I.R.P.F., in accordance with current Spanish legislation, they will withhold the tax on account, in accordance with the aforementioned legislation. The winning participant must confirm the personal details on the day the prize is awarded, as well as show their identification. In order for the aforementioned withholdings to be made, the winner must in any case sign a document justifying receipt of the award upon receipt, and provide a photocopy of the DNI. Otherwise, you would lose your right to receive it. The completion of the personal and fiscal data of the winners necessary for the delivery of the prizes is mandatory, so that the absence of any of said data will mean the loss of the right.


The honorable Island Government of LA GOMERA is exonerated from any responsibility in case of malfunction of the Internet , or incorrect transmission of content, which prevents the normal development of the draw/ Contest for reasons beyond the control of the company and especially for external acts of bad faith.


The winner of the prize of this promotion and his companion authorize The Honorable Island Government of La Gomera to capture their name, voice and image, during the duration of the award, under the premise of communication planned before about the activities planned. In addition, the winner and his accompanying person authorize The honorable Island Government of La Gomera to be use these images and testimonials for promotional and advertising purposes, free of charge, limited to a period of ten (10) years from the collection of the same, anywhere in the world and for any type of support or means included internet and social networks. For these purposes, the winner and companion undertake to sign the aforementioned authorization and send it to EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (Hon. Island Government of  LA GOMERA) before the end of the trip to la Gomera as the award of the draw.


EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (Hon. Island Government of  LA GOMERA)is not responsible for possible fraud, loss, damage, theft, delay or any other circumstance attributable to the internet or third parties that may affect the development of this promotion. The honorable Island Government of La Gomera will be responsible in no case for the services that any other entity with which it collaborates, provide the winner and his companion as a result of the awards delivered, in which case, they must abide by the liability clauses of the services provided by that.


In the event that EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (Hon. Island Government of  LA GOMERA), or any entity that is professionally linked to this promotion, detects any anomaly or suspects that a participant is preventing the normal development of participation in this promotion, altering irregularly and illegally by any technical procedure or computer, in order to distort or falsify the results, you can unilaterally eliminate your participation in it. In this regard, EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (Hon. Island Government of  LA GOMERA) has enabled the necessary technological supports to detect any possible irregular, anomalous, fraudulent, or malicious action that seeks to alter participation with the aim of achieving an irregular and illegal award. Therefore, EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (Hon. Island Government of  LA GOMERA) reserves the right to remove participation from any participant who evidences or is suspected of an irregular action in the sense described



Participants accept the criteria of EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (Hon. Island Government of  LA GOMERA) regarding the resolution of any issue arising from this promotion.


EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (Hon. Island Government of La Gomera) reserves the right to modify or cancel the draw during its development if circumstances of force majeure or fortuitous event occur, a technical or technological cause that directly or indirectly affects the operation and / or functionality of the raffle, both direct from EL EXCMO. CABILDO INSULAR DE LA GOMERA (The Hon. Island Government of La Gomera) or third parties linked to this promotion.


The Rules of this promotion will be published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (BOP), as well as on the website: www. lagomera.es and lagomera.travel. They will be available to anyone who wishes to consult them during the duration of the contest.



The language of the present text of the tender for the purposes of their interpretation will be Spanish as opposed to any translation thereof.