Enjoy La Gomera without leaving a trace


The beauty and natural elements of the island can be threatened by the intensive and inadequate use of its resources.
We tell you everything that you need to know to enjoy 100% of your visit, and so that your time on the island contributes to its sustainable development.

  • Weather alerts
  • Recommendations for trails
  • Swimming on the beaches
  • Risk of fire
  • Safe driving

La Gomera has unique and very fragile natural elements. There are actions that we must avoid, taking into account that the vast majority are prohibited and punishable.


  • We must maintain the nature as we find it and not collect material from the natural environment: stones, plants, animals...
  • Use the recreational areas and trails enabled for the public.
  • The practice of climbing in places where it is not allowed.
  • Leaving behind bones or fruit peels does not favor the flora and harms the ecosystem. 
  • Remember that there are no public areas allocated for camping.
  • Do not use bicycles or motor vehicles off the tracks, they can cause serious alterations to the flora and fauna of the place.
  • Protect the animals you find, be responsible toward them.
  • Water is a scarce commodity. Always make good use of it.
  • Flying drones in prohibited areas cause direct damage to wildlife, especially birds.
  • If you can: recycle, reuse, and recover.

We must maintain the nature as we find it and not collect material from the natural environment: stones, plants, animals.
Enjoy them in their natural environment!

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The island of La Gomera treasures a lively and unique culture that has been passed down from parents to children, and that even today is still preserved. The Gomeran silbo, latheless ceramics, the artisanal elaboration of palm honey or the construction of walls are some examples. We recommend some aspects to keep in mind in order to enjoy and contribute to the conservation of this important heritage.

Become interested in the history of the island: Visit its museums, you are sure to learn new and enriching things.


By consuming local products, you contribute to nourishing the economy and maintaining of our landscape, and you will support those who stand behind them, professionals who have opted for quality, modernization and the offering of an original product that comes from a unique land:


  • When eating at a restaurant, ask about the local products of the island: our wines, cheeses, gofio, palm honey, almogrote, jams, fruits, sweets and Gomeran cookies. You will discover quality, taste and originality.
  • Traditional Gomera craftsmanship represents history, culture, heritage and know-how, an example of how this island's inhabitants have been able to adapt to natural conditions, making the most of resources. By acquiring handcrafted products such as crockery, mats, basketry, textiles, wood and ristra, you will contribute to the economic and sustainable development of the island.

With our behavior we can do much to preserve the place where we are. We present you with several tips that you can put into practice during your visit to our island.


  • If you see an attack on nature or heritage (waste dumping, stone mounds...), you can collaborate with us: report it to the authorities.
  • Remember to manage your waste well: Recycling containers are available in all municipalities on the island. Blue is for paper and cardboard; green for glass and yellow for plastics and packaging.
  • Although we are an island, water is a very precious commodity. We must save and conserve it.
  • Whenever possible, take advantage of solar lighting: it is natural, free and non-polluting.