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The municipality has in its territory the legendary forest of El Cedro, a refuge from the Tertiary where the laurel has survived as a reminder of a time when men had not yet taken part in the world. The lush vegetation of its mountains is in tune with the green of its valley, one of the most fertile in the island of La Gomera. The valley of Hermigua is full of terraces and banana trees that form a space which, viewed from any of its many viewpoints, charms the eye of the visitor.

In addition, Hermigua has the “better climate of the world”, as foreign scientists reported during the early last century. And they did not lie. Located in a ravine, of unlimited length to the eye, which ends on the beach of Santa Catalina, Hermigua is a privileged space where the green lands of banana trees contrast with the blue sea. The davit of Hermigua of Hermigua, one of the most picturesque heritages of the island, is a reminiscence of the past. The prisms of the pier are exceptional witnesses of the village.

Visiting the neighborhood of San Pedro is a must. It is located in a place known as Valle Alto (Upper Valley), where the Dominican convent is the hallmark. It is one of the best examples of religious buildings in the island, with interesting pieces of art. The neighborhood is surrounded by traditional houses typical of the Canarian architecture that have been preserved from the eighteenth century. The Gofio Museum and the Ethnographic Museum can also be found in this neighborhood, where visitors can see firsthand the traditions and customs of the inhabitants of La Gomera and understand the rich history and cuisine of the island.

Another unforgettable attraction is the network of paths of this area. They are certainly known throughout the island for the richness of the landscapes. From El Cedro to the villages, from Hermigua up to the neighboring municipalities, from the davit to the beach of La Caleta (a natural refuge prepared for the enjoyment of the swimmers with the best infrastructure).

Mapa de Hermigua