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While having similar characteristics to the rest of the archipelago, the gastronomy of La Gomera has certain peculiarities that are worth knowing and, above all, tasting.

This cuisine shows the essence of those who live in the island and their way of life. Thus, cheese, almogrote (typical sauce from the Island, made with cheese, herbs and usually olive oil), mojos (typical Canarian sauce, rich in flavors, made with different herbs, garlic and oil), sweets, gofio (toasted flour from different cereals, a hallmark in the Canarian kitchen in general), wine or palm honey, represent the original and surprising flavors of the cuisine of our island.

All these products are traditional; their origin is lost in time. Up to this day, small businesses produce them in the island, helping to maintain the different agricultural landscapes and the genuine cultural wealth.

The delicatessen from the sea that surrounds the island, particular farming and their own ways of cooking are the ingredients of this cuisine, easy and tasty. Dishes like watercress soup, served on wooden plates made from the Aceviño (Small Leaf Holly, endemic to Macaronesian Islands) or Juniper are a unique culinary curiosity.

Cheese is one of the most valued of the cuisine of the Island. It is made from raw goat milk or a mixture of goat and sheep milk. It is important in the kitchen because is the main ingredient for other products such as curd cakes or almogrote. The latter product is considered a gastronomic jewel because of the excellence of its intense flavor, in addition to its endemic character, traditional production and craftsmanship.

Gofio is flour obtained from cereal grain such as millet and wheat, sometimes mixed with barley or others. This product is valued for its dietetic benefits for its interesting properties in the gastronomy.

The most distinctive wines of the island are white, of a yellowish color, with a great variety of aromas, pleasant to the palate, full bodied and special bouquet. The red wines of beautiful ruby color and fruity aromas are soft and balanced. Since 2003, these wines are protected by the Garantee of Origin “Vinos de La Gomera”.

The pastry from La Gomera, of a great variety, has a widely recognized reputation on quality product and craftsmanship. Butter ring shaped-pastry, Bilana Cake, Morones, Vichi doughnuts, cookies…. their exquisite taste is appreciated as well as its traditional way of elaboration.

Palm honey is the hallmark of the kitchen in La Gomera, it is made from the sap of the Canary Island palm tree (Guarapo), boiled and thickened. It is used in desserts and cocktails or accompanying other dishes like baked milk pudding. The palm honey or Guarapo symbolizes the most striking and evident proof of the close bonds that the people of La Gomera have always maintained with the palm tree. This process has created a genuine culture, always associated to the palm tree.