Sunset in Valle Gran Rey

Magical and unforgettable sunsets


The island of La Gomera stands out for its incredible landscapes that, on many occasions, become even more spectacular when accompanied by one of its magical sunsets. 

Thanks to its geographical location, the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, located in the southwest of the island, is the ideal and most recommended place to enjoy a magnificent sunset during your visit to La Gomera. 

Within the town itself there are unique corners and dreamlike places, where you can enjoy one of the most magical moments of the day and fall under the spell of its natural beauty.


Perhaps one of the most unspoiled beaches that still exist in the municipality, Playa del Inglés is what you need if you prefer to enjoy a sunset where the sound of the sea and tranquility reign. Enjoying the sunset here at any time of the year is an unforgettable spectacle.

This spectacular enclave can be reached from the neighborhood of La Playa, either by car or on foot in just a few minutes. 


In Valle Gran Rey you will not only be able to enjoy the sunset by the ocean, but another essential place to enjoy this extraordinary moment is the Mirador del Santo Lookout, located in Arure.  

The location of this lookout, among the cliffs of the Lomo del Carretón Natural Monument, will leave you in awe as you watch the sun go down over the horizon; at the same time you can enjoy a unique view of Taguluche, located in the deepest part of the ravine at your feet. 

This lookout is the perfect place to end your day in La Gomera in style before returning to your accommodation. 


La Calera and La Puntilla Beaches form the main beach of Valle Gran Rey, approximately one kilometer long. This beach is located in the urban area of the municipality, so you will have several options to enjoy the sunset along the coast. 

Here you can watch the sunset a few meters from the seashore, from your towel on the beach, as well as from any of its many terraces, while sipping a refreshing drink or while tasting a typical dish of the island. 

The sunset at La Calera Beach is one of the most popular of the whole island and a world benchmark for the “hippie”T community. During the winter season, you can enjoy the sunset accompanied by the melody of drums and other instruments, and you can also witness the fire shows on the sand held in front of the old Casa Maria bar. 

Meanwhile, in the Puntilla area, you will have the opportunity to capture one of the most typical images of the sunset accompanied by the statue of Hautacuperche, a famous Gomeran aboriginal warrior who rebelled against the Castilians.  


This small enclave of the municipality of Valle Gran Rey invites you to enjoy the sunset from one of its benches located on the promenade that borders it. It is a marvel to observe how the colors of the sunset are reflected in the calm waters of the pool. 

However, due to the location and orientation of the area, the best time of the year to enjoy a spectacular sunset from this area is during the winter months. 

In this area you can also watch the sunset from the terrace of the Charco del Conde restaurant, while enjoying a delicious meal or accompanying it with a delicious homemade ice cream from one of the most prominent ice cream parlors on the island. 


This cliff, one of those that guard the town of Valle Gran Rey, is 700 meters high, with unique views. The absence of pollution, the cleanliness, the clarity of the sky, and the orange, red and golden colors are reflected in the two mountains that flank the valley, which in turn project different shades of the same according to the variety of geological materials stacked in the veins that form them...from here you can also contemplate the optical phenomenon known as “the green ray.”

This place can be accessed either from the route that starts in La Calera or from the one that begins in the area of Arure, both places in Valle Gran Rey

It is not advisable to access this cliff at sunset, because the trail is very steep and in the dark it is very dangerous.