All of Us Have Fun in La Gomera

The island is the perfect destination for family trips


The island of La Gomera is a destination that offers the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities, most of them outdoors and in contact with nature. It is a destination where, regardless of age, anyone who visits can find their ideal activity and enjoy nature in its purest form. 

Hiking, cycling, water activities and even whale watching excursions are some of the activities that can be carried out on the island, making it a perfect destination for family trips, because in La Gomera we all have fun!


The main activity to be enjoyed on the island of La Gomera, without a doubt, is hiking. Walking through the island’s trails means walking through its history. For centuries, the people of Gomera have woven a network of trails that extend throughout the island and are now available for anyone to walk along. 

La Gomera’s network of trails, with more than 600 kilometers, offers endless possibilities to enjoy spectacular views and unique locations. Among them, you will find unlimited options involving both circular and linear routes, varying in duration, difficulty or distance. 

Enjoying nature as a family has never been easier. The difficult task is to choose which route to take, although each and every one of them will connect the young and old with nature, enjoying the most authentic part of the island. 


Cycling in La Gomera is becoming more and more frequent given the quality of its roads, which in addition to the views offered by each of the island routes, means that there are more and more people doing this sport during their visit.

In La Gomera it is possible to do both road cycling and mountain biking thanks to the fact that, within the island’s own network of trails, there are specific routes with which to enjoy this sport in the middle of nature. 

We find different companies for practicing this sport, located in the different municipalities of the island, which offer the rental of both road and mountain bikes, and even electric bicycles for those who need extra help. In addition, these companies also carry out organized routes to enjoy this sport in contact with nature in groups. 


Another of the main activities of the island of La Gomera, and which no one can resist, are the whale watching excursions. The island has become one of the most important points in Europe for the practice of this activity, as its waters are a paradise where diverse species coexist. Hence, it has been declared a World Whale Heritage Site by the World Cetacean Alliance.

Sighting dolphins, whales and even sea turtles is possible in La Gomera, one of those experiences you can do with your family and that will always remain in everybody’s memory. 

These excursions on the island are possible during most months of the year thanks to its privileged climate. The boats that carry out this activity are located in the ports of Playa de Santiago and Vueltas, in Valle Gran Rey. 


Another of the possibilities offered by the sea in La Gomera is the practice of water sports. The island has a mild and pleasant climate throughout the year, which facilitates swimming, and its tides are calm during most of the months. 

The best way to get to know the seabed and the marine biodiversity of the island is to practice snorkeling or professional diving. In La Gomera you can snorkel in any of its beaches, where its crystalline waters will allow you to enjoy its seabed and fauna. In addition, you can practice professional diving in the areas authorized for the practice of this sport and through companies that offer organized excursions.

Enjoying the surface is also possible in La Gomera. Kayaking or paddle surfing are some of the water activities you can do on the island, especially in the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, San Sebastian and Playa de Santiago, suitable for all ages.


Another option to enjoy the island with the family is to spend the day in one of its recreational areas. La Laguna Grande is one of the most famous areas of the island for recreation, where you will find adapted spaces adapted with swings and slides, for the little ones to enjoy the outdoors.