A Weekend in La Gomera

So much to discover!


La Gomera is always the best option for tourists from the Canary Islands when it comes to a weekend getaway: its climate and proximity make it an accessible island that allows for a variety of activities at any time of the year. In addition, being one of the smallest Canary Islands, visitors have the opportunity to visit the most important sites and enjoy its charms in a very short time.

To make the most of your weekend visit, we propose a series of activities during which you will enjoy the most important tourist attractions of La Gomera.


The weekend begins with a visit to San Sebastián de La Gomera. Take advantage of the day of arrival to the island to visit the most interesting places of the capital of La Gomera, such as the Torre del Conde or the Avenida Marítima, before leaving for your accommodation.

On the way to your accommodation, you can cross Garajonay National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, a route that has spectacular views of the laurel forest.

In La Gomera you will find several accommodation options. In Valle Gran Rey and Playa de Santiago you will find the largest accommodation offer on the island, while in the northern municipalities you will have the best options if you prefer rural tourism.

The municipality of Valle Gran Rey is the tourist municipality par excellence of the island and is characterized by its warm climate throughout the year, something that will allow you to enjoy its beaches at any time, with the best sunsets of the island.

Once installed, take advantage of the first day of this weekend to relax walking around and enjoy the end of the day from a bar or terrace overlooking the horizon.


Saturday’s route begins in Valle Gran Rey with a delicious breakfast overlooking the sea in one of the terraces located on the Avenida Marítima de la Playa.

The island of La Gomera offers an endless number of activities to enjoy during your stay; however, outdoor activities are one of the most interesting and popular tourist attractions of La Gomera. Hiking, kayaking, diving, cycling, etc., any option is valid to enjoy nature during these days.

Thus, one of the best options to get to know the heart of the island is to put on your hiking shoes and let yourself be carried away by the trails running through the area of El Cedro, in the municipality of Hermigua. There are different options in terms of difficulty and duration of the route, although all of them allow you to enjoy nature, breathe fresh air and recharge your batteries to continue your visit to La Gomera.

Saturday continues with a typical lunch of La Gomera in the only restaurant located in Caserío de El Cedro, where one of the mandatory dishes you cannot miss is the watercress potage accompanied by the gofio of the island.

 The return trip to your accommodation can be made both through the north of the island, enjoying the views offered by the municipalities of Hermigua, Agulo and Vallehermoso, as well as through the villages of the midlands, passing through Chipude, El Cercado (where you can visit the “Las Loceras” Center of Typical Ceramics of La Gomer), Las Hayas and Arure. Any of these routes will make you stop from lookout to lookout to take pictures and observe the wonders of the orography of the island, characterized by its deep ravines.


On the last day of your stay on the island, you will head to Garajonay. The ascent to the highest point of the island from the Contaderos area or the Pajaritos crossing takes only half an hour and it is a very easy trail, which makes it another essential activity that will not take you much time.

Once at the top, from the lookout located at 1,487 meters above sea level and on sunny days, you can observe other islands, as well as gain a different and unique perspective of the Chipude Fortress and the Roques de Agando.

The route continues in the municipality of Alajeró, specifically in Playa de Santiago. Here you will have the opportunity to spend the last hours of your stay in La Gomera strolling along the coast, tasting the best fresh fish or enjoying a swim in its crystal clear waters.

A real luxury before heading back home after a weekend full of nature, incredible landscapes and much peace that will make you return again and again to the Colombian island.