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The island of La Gomera offers the possibility of different routes, where tourists can discover for themselves a beautiful landscape, gastronomy and culture that will surprise them in just 378 km2, through organized excursions.

Either way you have the opportunity to discover and enjoy a unique experience: listening to the birds or the sound of a stream within the National Park of Garajonay, World Heritage by UNESCO, enjoy the unique experience of dolphins and whales watching in the wild waters of La Gomera, which is one of the best natural areas in the world. Enjoy a traditional cuisine, the scenery the typical agricultural terraces of La Gomera, take a bath in the small black sand beaches and enjoy crystal clear waters of the open ocean. You can go cycling, shopping in small shops where the personal and human treatment will make you forget that we are in the XXI century .

1. Rent a car to explore the island on your own, we recommend several routes:

a) Visit the north of the island, through the road GM1: You will find the most green and fertile island. Traveling through the villages of Hermigua and Agulo. Visit the Visitor Center of Juego de Bolas. At the end of the road to La Laguna Grande, El Cruce del Pajarito. Los Roques. Take the small path to Reventon Oscuro or El Cedro. Return to San Sebastian.
Visit the Monuments to Colon.
Tour of approximately 5 hours.

b) Go to the south of the island through the road GM2: Stop at the viewpoint of Los Roques. Cruce Los Pajaritos. Visit the villages of Chipude. El Cercado, which is still the main village of traditional pottery, made without wheel since pre-Hispanic times. Stopping at Cesar Manrique’s viewpoint is a must.
Departure from el Cruce de Apartacaminos. Short circular walk in Los Barranquillos. This path offers the chance to enjoy and differentiate the laurisilvae ecosystems. View Alojera hamlet (culture of Honey from the Palm Trees).
Return to San Sebastian through La Laguna Grande and Contadero Alto viewpoint.
Visit the Monuments of in San Sebastián de La Gomera.
Approximate time for the excursion: 5:30 hours.

c) Visit to the north of the island through the road GM1. You will find the most green and fertile areas of the island. Traveling through the villages of Hermigua and Agulo. Visit the Visitor Center Juego de Bolas. Continue the road through the village of Tamargada to Vallehermoso. Stop at the Almendrillo viewpoint.
Departure from el Cruce de Los Apartacaminos. Short walk from Raso de Bruma.
Departure from La Laguna Grande. Return to San Sebastian. Stop at Mirador de Los Roques.
Visit the Monuments of Colon in San Sebastián.
Approximate excursion: 5:00 hours.
2. Taxi service: offer excursions on the island for hours. Located next to the ship, small walk to the taxi station.

3. Excursion organized through travel agencies.

4. Boat trips: Whale watching (as the see of La Gomera is one of the best natural areas in the world for its diversity of marine species, enjoy live cetaceans in their natural habitat). You can also see an impressive geographical structure, the Natural Monument “Los Organos” in Vallehermoso.

5. Hiking: Hiking in and out of the park, there are short, medium and long term, circular and linear walks. They can be done with agencies and / or individually.

6. Diving: Discover marine life and biodiversity in La Gomera.
7. Bike Tours: Guided tours to road bikes and mountain bikes rental.
8. Golf: Practice golf, in an amazing natural environment, surrounded by mountains and looking into the Atlantic Ocean.
9. Visit San Sebastian de La Gomera. The monuments of Colon. Shopping and restaurants areas. Beaches. Walks..
For more general information about the island and companies engaged in tourism activities see our website.