The government of Spain declared a National State of Alarm due to a health emergency. It includes important measures to restrict, amongst other things, movement and commerce for at least the next 15 days. These measures also affect our visitors; those who are in the Canary Islands today will be subject to the same restrictions as the rest: they will not be able to leave their lodgings except to go to a health centre or pharmacy, to buy food or other essential items. All other activities, such as going for a walk, visiting tourist attractions, restaurants and clubs, hiking, museums or the beach, is prohibited. Furthermore, the vast majority of businesses will remain closed. Regarding information on flights and stays, you should ask the airlines and tourism companies directly. It is obvious that this is not the message that we would have liked to publish. The global pandemic that we suffer has ended up profoundly altering the lives of everyone and that is how we must understand it. We can only follow the instructions of the authorities and hope that soon, very soon, we will return to normal. At home, in schools, at the workplace and in the squares and streets of our place of residence. And also in the Canary Islands, where for sure that sooner than we can imagine we will be able to enjoy together again, without restrictions, our best holidays.

With reference to covid-19 sanitary crisis and in the way to reduce the contagion risk, this tourist office will be closed from March 14 th.

We are gonna keep open our turist service attention only by telephone and email.

Tlfno. +34 922 14 15 12

– San Sebastián de La Gomera and Valle Gran Rey: Monday to Friday from 08.00h to 14.00h
– Playa de Santiago: Monday to Saturday from 09.00h to 14.00h

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Web site:

  • San Sebastián turism office. Tel. 922 141 512 ; email:
  • Valle Gran Rey turism office. Tel. 922 805 458 ; email
  • Playa de Santiago turism office. Tel. 922 895 650 ; email

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