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Bathed by the trade winds, the climate of the island of La Gomera corresponds to moderate subtropical variants. Because of its complex geography, the island contains several microclimates, depending on the slope.

Clima La gomeraIn the North Area, exposed to the winds, there is a mixture of sun and clouds that defines the weather, raising its moisture levels and thus lowering the temperature. Due to southerly winds, the temperature raises in the South Area, the weather is sunny and much warmer most of the year. This is the reason why the main tourist points, such as Valle Gran Rey and Playa Santiago, concentrate in this area of La Gomera.

The action of the trade winds and the sea of clouds have its focus point on the northern side, where we find Garajonay National Park (World Heritage Site). Due to the height of its mountains, the rain steam condenses

creating a green forest, intact for thousands of years.

Clima La gomeraTherefore, the climate of the island of La Gomera is warm and soft, with few fluctuations, maintaining an average temperature of twenty-two degrees all year round, which allows visits during any season.




Clima La gomera