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La Gomera and Yoga: A perfect combination

Without a doubt, La Gomera is the perfect place to practice yoga, and all its encompassing benefits for everyone. Yoga is calm, equilibrium and connection. What could be better than outdoor yoga, and staying in contact with nature so its benefits can be felt even more. Practicing yoga can help you improve both physically and […]

5 Suggestions for your trip to La Gomera

Welcome to La Gomera!! If you are thinking of travelling to our island or if you’re already here, we offer you 5 unmissable opportunities for your visit. Are you ready? Walking in the Garajonay National Park The island has more than 600km of hiking trails, largely within the Garajonay National Park. Although it’s recommended you […]

La Gomera and bird watching

Watching birds connects us with nature from a privileged point of view; it grabs you from the first instant. Ravines, vegetation, viewpoints, all gathered to be part of this experience. It is an activity that can be done by people of all ages, as it does not require any special physical effort besides the leisurely […]

Interview with Cristofer Clemente

“¿Trail Running? La Gomera is the place” Cristofer Clemente An interview with Cristofer Clemente of La Gomera, one of the world’s most prominent Trail Runners. In 2015 he started to stand out as one of the leaders of the sport, achieving runner-up position in the Ultra Skyrunners World Series. In 2016, demonstrating a great thirst […]

La Gomera: an island of legend

With the passage of time, legends have become mixed with other literary elements that were introduced in times following colonisation and have been passed from generation to generation. One of the places that has generated the Island’s most famous legend is the Garajonary National Park, which owes its name to the impossible love between Princess […]

A getaway very close to you

The diversity of its landscapes and the predominance of its exuberant nature turn the island of La Gomera into the perfect destination for a unique and unforgettable getaway. Therefore, if you have a few days to spare, we have designed an itinerary for you to experience the immensity of a land with over 600 kilometres […]