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Agulo is located in the north of the island, between the municipalities of Hermigua and Vallehermoso. Nestled in a natural depression, the old village, one of the best preserved of the Canary Islands, is based on a natural platform that looks like a balcony to the sea. A unique place where you can see so clear, that Teide, the volcano of the island of Tenerife, can be observed from this beautiful viewpoint.

Ayuntamiento de AguloWaterfall on the walls of the mountainous depression. Known colloquially as the Chorro (jet) of Agulo. Panoramic view of the historic center. The neighborhood of Las Rosas is one of the most beautiful and picturesque of La Gomera The historic architecture of Agulo is one of the best preserved in the Canary Islands. Among several interesting zones, we must highlight the old village bearing the same name as the municipality or the picturesque neighborhood of Lepe. In the mountain area there are other neighbourhoods such as La Palmita or Las Rosas, charming places surrounded by vegetation adjacent to Garajonay National Park. We must also highlighting the dam of Las Rosas, a large reservoir surrounded by greenery where time seems to stop and the only sound you hear is the birds singing.

Agulo was historically one of the most prosperous municipalities of the island, being the first to have drinking water, electricity and a davit (a pier made of concrete, metal and wood that was used to export the bananas and tomatoes. We can still see its ruins). As in the other municipalities, it has a very extensive and preserved network of trails, which connects not only the urban areas with the high areas, but with several natural spaces that are unique in the landscape of the island. Agulo is certainly one of the most picturesque municipalities in all of the Canary Islands geography.

The bonfires of San Marcos are a unique tradition on the island of La Gomera on its more popular level. They take place on the eve of April the 24th when crowd gathers in the streets to jump over the mounds of juniper wood. The smell of the juniper wood fills the whole village. This is a tradition that goes back to centuries and astonishes anyone who sees it or participates jumping the bonfires. The night turns into a magical scene of fire, music and religion.

Mapa de Agulo