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Discover the trees and shrubs of the laurel forests on La Gomera

Discover the trees and shrubs of the  laurel forests on La Gomera
What is a laurel forest?

It is a subtropical forest which is characteristic of some of the Macaronesian archipelago (the Canaries, Madeira and the Azores). Although its name comes from the Latin lauri+silva, “forest of laurels”, in reality it consists of many more species. On La Gomera, you will find possibly the best representation of this type of ecosystem, and because of this, it was designated as a National Park in 1981 and a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1986.

Do you want to pretend to be a botanist in Garajonay?

The challenge consists of identifying as many tree species as you can find in Garajonay. How will you do this? Firstly, try to identify the leaves of the trees and shrubs with the help of the key that we have provided in this small guide, and then check on the Arbolapp Canarias app for identifying trees, which you can upload to your mobile. Shall we begin?

This is the app that you can upload: http://www.arbolappcanarias.es/

You will find much more information in the visitors guide to the Garajonay National Park which you can upload from the following website: