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La Gomera and Yoga: A perfect combination

La Gomera and Yoga: A perfect combination

Without a doubt, La Gomera is the perfect place to practice yoga, and all its encompassing benefits for everyone. Yoga is calm, equilibrium and connection. What could be better than outdoor yoga, and staying in contact with nature so its benefits can be felt even more.

Practicing yoga can help you improve both physically and mentally. It consists in using ancient concentration, meditation and relaxation techniques. In addition, the exercises and body position used create a body balanced throughout, while the breathing exercises increase your vital energy. It has the benefit of being open to everyone; each person can practice at their own pace and speed. Once you have felt the benefits, you will never look back.


The benefits of yoga are multiple; the following are just some:

  • Physical: For treatment of modern and very common conditions, such as insomnia, nervous tension, migraines, digestive problems, intestinal issues as well as circulatory or respiratory systems.
  • Mental health: to improve awareness and understanding of emotions. Yoga can help cope with unwanted feelings, such as fear, stuttering, shyness, etc.
  • Mental outcomes: improves attention, memory, concentration, etc.
  • Body look: harmonizes the body, strengthens and tones muscles.
  • Antidote for our busy modern lives. Practicing yoga is a haven and place for calm, relaxation and boosting of energy levels.
  • Of a philosophical nature: knowledge of oneself.

For those of you already familiar with yoga, you can simply choose a favourite spot on the island. Gomera is fortunate to have many, so you will be spoilt for choice! The beach, a scenic outlook or a spot in the park, the island certainly provides a generous abundance of peaceful places.

The island also counts on specialized centres providing the chance to practice yoga during 1 week, complemented by other activities that will make every guest return home totally refreshed. This is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and take advantage to discover an island with everything you need. The many dining options, which use healthy foods and local produce, the almost unspoilt landscapes and beautiful climate for practicing yoga all year round. The stunning dawns and sunsets create a calm atmosphere, when your “sun salutations” will take on an even greater meaning. The pure clean air means you can breathe deep and enjoy the slow pace to really live every moment.


The meaning of Yoga in Sanskrit is “unite”. On this island, this really comes true; a union forms between the individual and the incredible surrounding nature, present in every step you take.