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For whoever is visiting La Gomera for the first time

For whoever is visiting La Gomera for the first time

You have arrived at La Gomera and..You only have one day to enjoy it! Surely you will find it a short amount of time, indeed it is so! La Gomera is an island that has an impact on everyone, whoever visits it for the first time, wants to go back. La Gomera conquers from the very first moment..just like love at first sight.


The Garajonay National Park is without a doubt a must. You will probably first see it from a scenic view point or from the the Great Lagoon (Laguna Grande). There, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the greatness and lushness of this exceptional forest; but the real way of enjoying and appreciating it would be to enter its trails. There are pathways available for all likings. Among them, one can find short, rather even pathways, as well as, challenging trails surrounded by scenery of extraordionary beauty.

It is very probable that during your first visit you rush through some of the villages of the island. However, one would need to spend some peaceful time there in order to be able to get to know the place well. Each village has it’s own uniqueness that makes it delightful and charming. Food is always an excellent excuse to have a break and to enjoy the magic of the place.


And the beaches…Here you will find all types beaches and coves, all ideal for disconnecting, to watch an exceptional sunrise or a sunset, to see nature in its wildest state. You can’t miss all the sea-related activities that can be done on the island.

But don’t worry, you will surely have more opportunies to come back, and the island will welcome you with open arms, with the kindness of its people, with its astonishing scenery and its unparallel flavours.

Do come again. We’re waiting for you!