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El Cedro – a fairytale forest

El Cedro – a fairytale forest

A continuous flow of water accompanies the hiker who enters this area of the park. There are just a few places in the Canary Islands that have a stream with natural pools, and El Cedro is possibly the best example of it. Here every drop that runs through this channel has its story and not just any story, it carries with it a journey through the clouds, which are drawn by the trade winds to meet the slopes of the north side of the island, to finally hit trees that act like sponges. This incredible phenomenon is known as the “horizontal rain” and is responsible for nourish and nurture the riverbed of this stream with each drop coming from so far away. Knowing its story, the hiker appreciates if possible, even more , the visual beauty that the water leaves along his footsteps.

Here, the whole landscape forms a stage where nature becomes the protagonist to show everyone its charm and beauty. The enormous and well-preserved specimens of heathers, beeches, hollies, Indian bay and Portuguese laurel are often covered with moss and lichens that further emphasize their enigmatic beauty. The ferns which are great in size and a deep green are evidence of the high humidity that prevails here and which follows the hiker throughout his walk.

The pure air, the songs of the birds and the flow of water invite one to stop, with all of one’s’ senses wide open to catch all the magic that the place offers generously.

In this walk you will find the ‘Ermita Nuestra Señora de Lourdes’, a charming building which is adorned for celebration every year on the last Sunday of August in honour to its virgin. During these dates, the rumbling of the ‘chácaras’ and drums spreads and inspires with its sounds to all the devout attendants who come to enjoy these dates.

This construction is due to the efforts of an English lady who worked as a governess and whose dream was to build a hermitage in the middle of the mountain. Once she retired she was finally able to fulfill her wishes in 1935, and since then, on the last Sunday of August, it gathered a large number of neighbors who come from all parts of the island.