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Water activities that you must do in La Gomera

Water activities that you must do in La Gomera

La Gomera is an island that offers the opportunity to enjoy the coast and the sea to their fullest. The mild climate in this area of the Canary Islands allows you to do any activity in the open air. Now, we will tell you about those that you can do in the sea.
From a relaxing walk along the beach to stimulating sport that sets you in motion, the benefits of the coast and the sea in La Gomera are numerous.
Here we detail our suggestions so that you can make the most of all of the advantages of a destination surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


This water activity is simple and involves swimming on the surface of the water with goggles and a tube. Flippers are high recommended so that you can glide with little effort.
A world opens up in front of your eyes, you will be surprised to see so much richness below the surface! You will discover the infinite number of fish swimming in synchrony, others alone eating food, and other hidden between the rocks. The diversity of subaquatic flora and fauna is so well kept that without realising it you will be exercising as well as enjoying the marine environment.
La Gomera has repeatedly been the setting for underwater photography and free diving championships because of the diversity of its natural resources and importance of its sea beds.


This water sport is gaining more and more followers, perhaps because it combines physical skill with the spirit of adventure at the same time. The activity is very versatile, you can do it without any experience, in calm waters, visiting hidden inlets, going for a swim, or you can practise the sport more intensively and exercise all of your muscles!
It is a good option for getting to know the coast of La Gomera and its numerous natural places of interest, conservations zones, places of scientific interest, natural reserves, beaches, ravines, cliffs, etc.

Maritime excursions

This is a unique and essential activity for our visitors. Wild whale and dolphin watching and the excursion to visit the Los Organos natural monument have become some of the favourite experiences for those that want to experience La Gomera 100%. It is the chance to get to know the life, coast and sea of La Gomera personally with highly qualified guides.

Stand Up Paddle

This sport has its origins in Polynesia. Do you dare to try it? Although it has been practised for centuries, it has become popular thanks to well-known surfers that started to use oars for help during their training and saw that they noticeable improved their balance.
To practise this sport, you need a board and an oar or paddle. There are companies on the island that can provide you with these. The board sizes are very different but the instructor will tell you which is best for you. With regard to the paddles, the bigger it is the faster you will go but the more strength you will have to apply.
This activity has may benefits and like the majority of water sports, it works your whole body, achieving a really comprehensive workout.


On the sea beds of La Gomera, a world of diversity and practically unexplored forms are hidden.
The island has made guides with several diving sites. An impressive example is the diving spot at the Natural Monument of Los Organos as this volcanic structure continues underwater. Observing La Gomera from below the water is a magical experience.
Consult the Tourist Office to find out if any companies or associations are running this activity while you are in La Gomera. There are also public institutions on the island that organise “baptisms” in which you can begin with you first plunge into the world of diving.

Deep-sea fishing

The abundant and rich marine life in the waters that surround the island make the ‘Isla de Gomera’ Deep-sea Fishing Championships possible. This is one of the most important sporting events of the year. This event, which is respectful to the environment, is a sport in which awards are given for capturing, and then releasing, fish such as marlin, garfish and tuna. The marlin and garfish are photographed and then returned to the sea, while the tuna are brought to the coast and, once weighed, are donated to charity.

Do nothing and enjoy the beach and coastal towns.

Sleep, rest, relax… do nothing, just let yourself be pampered by the sun and the sea breeze. Walks along the coast, visits to coastal towns, tasting the rich fish of our sea, the whole island is at your disposal for you to have a holiday that you will remember in a very special way.
Be inspired to try new experiences, enjoy the sea, learn new sports and recharge your body and mind with energy.