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La Gomera’s beaches as health therapy

La Gomera’s beaches as health therapy

Have you ever noticed how good you feel after a nice long dip in the sea?

Going on holiday to a place where there’s a beach offers countless benefits, and the La Gomera is no exception.

From the moment you start to pack your bag, your body begins to get itself ready. Your swimsuit, sun cream, sun hat, sunshade, book, games and even your drinks and food (make sure the latter’s nice and light, of course!) all cheer your body up, no end.

And La Gomera has beaches to suit all tastes — no matter where you’re staying, you’re bound to have one close by. You can read our article (link) in which we talk about one of the beaches you can enjoy on your visit to the island.

Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits to be gained from choosing such amazing natural beauty spots as a holiday destination.

The Canary Islands enjoy a privileged climate that makes them a great place to visit at any time of year. And when it comes to La Gomera, not only does it share these climatic advantages, but the serenity for which it’s famous makes it a natural spa available to all its visitors.

But we said we were going to talk about the benefits of the beach today, so here are a few of them:

  • Hours of sun and their positive effect: the large number of guaranteed hours of sun, thanks to the island’s geographic position, as well as its unique terrain, have a positive, revitalising effect on your mood. Sunlight also has a direct effect on your physical health, with fixing of the essential vitamin D, which helps to maintain healthy bones, just one of its positive effects. What’s more, as the body is able to store this vitamin, the effects of exposure to sunlight are long lasting.
  • Sea breeze and iodine: A walk along the coast has a relaxing effect, but it also allows the body to absorb the iodine contained in the sea breeze. This mineral is required for the correct functioning of the thyroid gland, which in turn regulates the body’s metabolic system. In addition, it bolsters the body’s defence mechanisms and is excellent for maintaining healthy skin and hair. You can also get iodine from a tasty fish, so why not make the most of both sources while you’re on holiday? A walk along the coast, capped off with a delicious fish in one of the island’s restaurants, will give you all the iodine you need, and then some!

  • Bathing in the sea and its effects: A refreshing dip in the sea helps to improve the body’s circulatory system, since the respiratory rate and the heart rate both increase in response to the change in temperature. In addition, the movement of the swell relaxes our muscles and the sea’s high magnesium content produces a calming effect.
  • Walks on the sand: The best natural foot scrub around! If you feel like a walk in the sea, the resistance produced by the water will help strengthen both your muscles and your joints. Its relaxing effect makes it the best treatment there is for combating stress. And if you do it at a brisk pace, you’ll benefit even more.
  • Practising sport: The sea plays a central role in a great number of sports and games and La Gomera offers a wide range of them that you can enjoy while improving your health at the same time. These include kayaking, snorkelling, surfing, scuba diving and all the beach games that you could possibly imagine.

As you can see, these activities provide a great many health benefits. What’s more, they combine a variety of attractive elements that are all readily accessible, such as sports, scenery and the great outdoors.

You can see the range of activities available at: Activities in La Gomera