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Nature to be enjoyed slowly

Nature to be enjoyed slowly

Lush laurel forests, breathtaking ravines, a mild climate all year round, charming villages and a touch of magic hard to find anywhere else in the world makes La Gomera, in the Canary Islands, a different place where tourists can enjoy a unique experience.

This little island situated in the Atlantic Ocean has maintained throughout its history an indescribable landscape, dominated by the majestic laurel that its inhabitants have taken care with love and dedication, as UNESCO has recently certified through the declaration of La Gomera as a World Biosphere Reserve.

After millions of years, the laurel forest of La Gomera has barely suffered evolutionary transformations. So when travellers stroll among the vegetation feel that they are walking through the woods that covered Europe millions of years ago. Fossils found in the south of the old continent show that laurel once populated a large area of ??the Mediterranean.

Garajonay National Park is La Gomera’s crown jewel. For nature lovers, the best experience possible is to enter the park and to discover landscapes difficult to imagine. The forest of El Cedro will awaken the senses of the visitor and will make you discover a unique spot in full contact with nature. This National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a true relic of the Tertiary and a world leader in the conservation of the laurel.


There are trails suited for the more daring, but also simpler ones available to all visitors. Many tourists repeat their visit to the island attracted by its breathtaking scenery.

And if biking is one of your hobbies, it is also possible to see every corner from a different point of view. So the experience of renting a mountain bike or an electric one to do individual itineraries or in groups is worthwhile.

The best climate

Although La Gomera is full of nature, the rich landscape of the island also extends to the coast. Despite having less than 400 square kilometres, small beaches and coves allow children and adults to enjoy tranquillity and, above all, a wonderful weather.

In the bottom of the sea, whales and dolphins can be observed in the wild. Also on the coast, there is a natural monument known as The Organs. It’s a spectacular cliff created by lava that erosion has exposed as an impressive giant organ pipe jutting into the depths of the ocean to draw another surprising landscape.

There are also several endemic species, including the giant lizard of La Gomera, one of the world’s most endangered species, that is currently suffering a recovery process.

Whimsical landscapes make their way in front of the traveller inviting to squeeze your time to the maximum. Thus, La Gomera activates the senses and invites the visitor to travel enjoying a great adventure.

El Silbo of La Gomera is another hallmark of the island. It is a whistled language used since immemorial times to communicate over long distances. It is not a series of preset codes that serve to express limited content, but it’s an articulate language, reducer, unconventional, which gives you the opportunity to exchange an unlimited range of messages by whistling the characteristics of a spoken language.

Travelling with family

La Gomera is ideal for families who like to enjoy a different holiday. Combining the beach with activities such as hiking, boating, or enjoying culture, cuisine and entertainment let the little ones also enjoy an ideal vacation suitable for their tastes and hobbies.

La Gomera offers the best combination of exoticism, thanks to its location in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, and due to the most valued aspect by families: its safety.

Taking little walks at sunset enjoying an ice cream after a long day, or simply enjoying the sound of the sea are some of the activities made for everyone in this little corner of the Atlantic.

Charming accommodation

La Gomera has a wide and varied range of tourist accommodation, from simple and inexpensive pensions, to 3 and 4 stars hotels with all the amenities. In addition, the island has several charming rural hotels situated in the north. Most of them are fully restored old houses, which are an attraction for tourists seeking tranquillity, looking for a close contact with the local people and tasting the local cuisine. In short, it’s a different way to spend your holidays.

This Island is a welcoming land where you can live the best experience imaginable. In addition, its inhabitants have managed to fit harmoniously progress and environmental awareness, combining rural and economic development in an exemplary way.

La Gomera is a place made of sensations and unique experiences for everyone that you’d better enjoy slowly.