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La Gomera’s wines: drink our island’s culture

La Gomera’s wines: drink our island’s culture

foto2 - Vinos de La GomeraHow often do you get the chance to drink a wine that conceals so much history and human endeavor?

One of the best examples of heroic vine-growing is to be found on the island of La Gomera. The term refers to the conditions of the terrain that make working with vines such a demanding occupation. In order to cultivate their vines, growers must overcome the challenges posed by steep-sided gullies and dizzying heights before they can eventually harvest the highly prized grapes. And imbued with that same heroic spirit, these unique grapes come to our tables in the form of wine.

During your stay on La Gomera you will get the chance to familiarize yourself with our wines as accompaniments to the exceptional and exquisite cuisine that the island’s bars and restaurants have to offer.

Wines with “Denominación de Origen La Gomera” are smooth, aromatic and balanced in the mouth, and their quality and exclusive characteristics owe to a combination of the island’s distinctive features (its mountain topography, the type of soil, the micro-climate and the human factor).

foto3 - Vinos de La GomeraAlthough both red and white young wines are made, most of the wine is produced from white grapes. And there is one remarkable grape, unique to the island, whose singular nature sets it apart — the Forastera Gomera. It has been grown here for over four hundred years, and from a wine-making point of view it is the most highly valued variety on the island. This is due to its notably acidic nature, which gives it a fresh, balanced taste.


These secrets, containing years of history and tradition, are concealed in the flavors of La Gomera’s wines, and when you taste them, you will be absorbing the culture of a whole people.

The vineyards are mostly to be found in the towns and small villages that lie in the island’s medianías (areas lying between 600 and 1,500 meters above sea level). You will be able to see the terraces in the numerous gullies that shape the landscape. The steeper the slopes are, the smaller the terraces — those crop-growing areas propped up by solid stone walls. And it is these same walls that have produced a deep-rooted culture in the history of La Gomera; the culture of stone. But that’s a story for another day…

foto1 - Vinos de La Gomera

One magical experience you can enjoy is to appreciate a glass of La Gomera wine on a bar or restaurant terrace, watching the sun set, taking in the scenic views of vineyard valleys and the endless panoramic vistas, or simply contemplating the breaking waves…what an inspiring moment!