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Charming beaches: La Gomera has one for you

Charming beaches: La Gomera has one for you

As soon as the boat docks in the port of San Sebastián de La Gomera the island already welcomes us like what it is, an Island with capital letters. The imposing Atlantic Ocean, which bathes the entire coast, makes it possessor of numerous beaches for all tastes, quiet, hidden, small, large, pebble, sand and each one of them has its own charm. When we discover them, they make us feel that we are in very different places, many miles away from each other. But nevertheless, they are there, very close, and within our reach.

We will give you some suggestions, but if you want to see all of them you can look at the “Playas de La Gomera” section of www.lagomera.travel

Do you like quiet beaches?

The wide beach of San Sebastián in the capital of the island will welcome you. The absence of strong currents and its protection from the port makes it ideal to enjoy in peace. Its palm trees and shade encourage you to rest, to contemplate the arrival of boats, to feel the sea breeze, with that salty taste that makes us feel so good.
In San Sebastián de La Gomera you will also find the La Cueva beach. It is small, calm throughout the year and has some pretty views of neighbouring Tenerife. The beach is protected by a cliff and is notable for an overhang that proudly displays a monument to the Olympic torch, a reminder of the passage of the flame through La Gomera for the 1968 Olympic Games.
A little further towards the south, but far from the city, you can swim at a beach with very clear waters, the Chinguarime beach. Due to the difficult accessibility, it is ideal for those who are looking for complete tranquillity.

The Santiago beach, in the south of the island, belongs to the municipality of Alajeró and is ideal for enjoying the fishing port life, you can taste the rich seafood in the numerous restaurants that surround it. The calmness and tradition of the marine surroundings will capture you.
Another beach with calm waters and protected from the port is the Vueltas beach in Valle Gran Rey. It is a black sand beach that is also shared with small boats belonging to the inhabitants of the town. The colour of the boats makes this beach looks like it could have come out of a book. It is the starting point for activities like kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.


Do you prefer swimming pools or natural pools?

Hermigua, a municipality in the north of the island, has a natural pool (charco) surrounded by imposing pillars, remains of an ancient davit or pier that bore witness to the intensive agricultural activity of the area in the past. This area is known as el Peñón.

Additionally, the “Charco del Conde” in Valle Gran Rey, has a story that goes much further back in time, it is said that in the 15th century, the men bathed there and at the other side, separated by dense Tamarix vegetation, the countess and her female entourage bathed in the so-called “Charco de la Condesa”. The former has been declared as a place of scientific interest and has depths with abundant flora and fauna that we encourage you to look at in detail.


Do you want more movement?

If you like to float in the water and let yourself be carried by the gentle waves, there is another beach in the Valle Gran Rey area. You can see it as you descend towards the municipality. A walk on its black sands, a relaxing swim, impressive views and unforgettable sunsets are waiting for you. The sounds of spontaneous drums are common as some visitors use them to bid goodbye to the sun. It is an improvised show accompanied by fire dances that bring together visitors as they say goodbye to the daytime. In winter, this beach is divided in two by the ravine, the areas of La Puntilla and La Calera. In summer, they are joined by a large beach, due to the natural tide movements that move the sand.

In Hermigua we find the La Caleta beach, a protected black sand cove of around 200 metres that allows us to view neighbouring Tenerife at the same time as we swim. During the summer, this beach is perfect for families as it has a recreation area and a bar-restaurant.


And what about the hidden coves?

The hidden coves enable the disconnection that allows you to relax in an absolute way. There are numerous coves throughout the island like, El Cabrito or La Guancha, which you can get to by following the G132 trail, or throughout the southern area. With their very calm waters, you can discover: La Negra or La Cantera, El Guincho, Oroja and many more. Some can be accessed by sea or by hiking. Sometimes there is no one around and you can have the beach all to yourself!


Do you feel like a pebbled beach?

If you prefer pebbles, stones made round by the movement of the sea, a good option is the Argaga beach that is accessed by a dirt track close to the Vueltas beach (Valle Gran Rey) although it belongs to the beautiful municipality of Vallehermoso.
Also in this municipality, facing towards the west but more towards the north, we can find the Alojera beach, here silence and tranquillity dominate and it has a small natural pool suitable for the little ones. Surrounded by the vertical cliffs and a very peaceful and charming town, it is an unforgettable landscape. While there, do not miss out of enjoying exquisite fish fresh from the sea.

So, which is your favourite beach?

These are some recommendations, remember that you can see all of them in the beaches of La Gomera section on www.lagomera.travel and if you want to know more about the advantages of visiting the beaches of the island, you can read the article, beaches of la Gomera: a health therapy.