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Experience a different carnival in La Gomera

Carnivals are to the Canary Islands what “Fallas” – Valencian Fiestas are to Valencia; fiestas that have the same essence as the own idiosyncrasies of the village. The islands dress-up at the end of February with fun and lots of tradition, music, traditional Canarian choirs “murgas” and floats. However, there are carnivals and carnivals and […]

Garajonay – the choice of spring

The Garajonay National Park is the stage on which this awakening is played out, and if you venture deep along its paths, you’ll get a front-row seat from which to enjoy the show and discover each shade, texture and fragrance that the season brings. A countless number of endemic species make the park their own, […]

San Marcos Bonfire: Jumping over fire

If you get the chance to visit La Gomera on 24 April, the village of Agulo offers one of the most authentic and ancestral festivals in the Canary Islands. The sounds of the chácaras (percussion instruments similar to castanets) and drums create an awe-inspiring atmosphere. The smell of burning wood fills the village square, while […]

How do you get to La Gomera?

La Gomera is located in the Canary Islands (Spain). Here we tell you step by step how to get here in order to start the holidays of your dreams. 1. Firstly, arrive in Tenerife La Gomera has an airport that only takes flights from between the islands, thus, if you want to travel to La […]